Web Clipboard

Web clipboard for iPhone and iPad! Fast and simple.
Share text messages and links quickly between your Mac / PC and iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch. Access your messages and links from anywhere. They are stored for FREE under your cusom space at iWebClipboard.com.


★ Collaborate with teammates on the same project - edit the same text together, leave messages for your friends.

★ No ads, no log-in - loads instantly!

★ Stable lightweight app: takes only 0.3 mb of memory ★ no crashes! ★ easy to switch to and from your browser, notepad or twitter.

★ Universal app: purchase once, use forever on all your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices you got.

iWebClip on iPhone / iPod Touch

  • iWebClip on iPhone / iPod Touch


  • Steven Holt blogger

    Just wanted to share it's such a practical web clipboard, I run it on my iPhone all the time. Cheers!

  • Alex Stevens IT Consultant

    Bookmark your custom iwebclipboard.com link on your favorite browser and you will never go back to emailing yourself those links again!